Childhood is not from birth to a certain age, and at a certain age the child is grown and puts away childish things. Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies


"He held out his hand to Renesmee in invitation  But this was not what she wanted. She learned away from me, stretching upward, to touch her fingertips to Aro’s face."
   - Bella Cullen, Breaking Dawn, pg. 698

"Then you have Rosalie, who doesn’t like what she is, but she’s gonna be better than anyone else anyway, because that’s what she does." - Stephenie Meyer


Isabella Marie Swan Cullen: First and Last:

From Beginning —
"I want to go,” I lied. I’d always been a bad liar, but I’d been saying this lie so frequently lately that it sounded almost convincing now.

To the End.
“We have plenty of time to work on it,” I reminded him. “Forever and forever and forever,” he murmured. “That sounds exactly right to me.” And then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever.  

They’re coming here


twilight saga meme | 1/2 outfits

bella’s transformation dress

I hadn’t guessed that the morphine would have this effect – that it would pin me down and gag me. Hold me paralyzed while I burned. I knew all the stories. I knew that Carlisle had kept quiet enough to avoid discovery while he burned. I knew that, according to Rosalie, it did no good to scream. And I’d hoped that maybe I could be like Carlisle. That I would believe Rosalie’s words and keep my mouth shut. Because I knew that every scream that escaped my lips would torment Edward. Now it seemed like a hideous joke that I was getting my wish fulfilled. If I couldn’t scream, how could I tell them to kill me?


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